“Does what you see make you happy? That’s all you need.” - Constantin Brancusi



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We are welcoming you in the heart of a beech & oak forest.

We are inviting you to a miraculous place governed by the healing powers of nature & mineral waters.

This is a realm which is generously stroked by the sun light.

It’s time for you to commence your journey towards happiness and head to a place that’s been known for over 100 years for its therapeutic powers – Baile Govora**.


This is actually considered one of the locations with the cleanest air in the entire Europe.

Let yourself enchanted by the aristocratic reminiscences – a veritable heritage of the Bratianu family.

The entire experience will swiftly enveil you reminding you of the great atmosphere from the beginning of the century.

Your stop at Felix Pension**** will quench your thirst for relaxation. It will give you back the tranquility and vitality you long for. It will totally delight your senses! Just get ready for an enlighted holiday!


*Felix means „happy” in Latin.


**It is said that a local extracted salty water from the earth, in 1876. The water proved to have healing powers. Starting with 1879, they started to build the first wooden bathtubs used for treating illnesses. Some tens of such bathtubs were built back then. The balneological resort was officially launched in 1910. Today it’s the third balneological resort in Romania according to The Romanian Association of Balneology (2017).

Address: 6 Oituz Street, postal code 245200, Baile Govora, Valcea county, Romania

Phone: 004-0756-943-090


„We’ve created Felix Pension out of an inner desire to give back a small portion of the family heritage and an even greater portion of the joy we feel every day, just rejoicing in the wonders of Govora. The sweetest joy is the one we get to share – says an old French proverb. We invite you to visit us and enjoy the gifts that this wonderful spot has to offer for better health and mood! – said Dana and Felix, your hosts.”

Felix Pension****invites you in Baile Govora, in the legendary realm of Valcea, the place where stories about healing powers and water springs arise from.

Baile Govora stands for a symbol of refinement and aristrocracy. It’s been the favourite destination of important Romanian noble families, like the Bratianu family. In the interwar period, Govora was considered the pearl of the aristocratic Romanian tourism. Now the resort is close to regaining its glow, in the same miraculous space, surrounded by old shady trees.


When it comes to the harmony of the architecture, Felix Pension proves again its refinement and good taste. We chose to speak about the harmonious  mix between stone, wood and water. The entire architectural project actually reflects these three natural elements.


The first floor of the hotel was made using 20 stone foundations which come from old houses in the nearby villages (Pausesti, Pietrari, Stoenesti).

The facade is impressive mainly due to the syncretic mix of river stone and solid wooden structures.

Using marble in the exterior decoration – mainly that of the staircase and other areas surrounding the outdoor pool - complements the natural modern architecture.


It’s a fact - the pool enchants the senses. The salt room’s walls in the Spa Center were made of massive salt blocks which come directly from the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine, a few kilometres away from Baile Govora. Both the outdoor swimming pool and the salt room are unique in Romania - standing for perfect transpositions of natural splendors into architecture.


All in all, Felix Pension is the ideal holiday place for those who want to retrieve their inner peace, their deep sense of relaxation while enjoying the beauty of nature and the elegance of an old aristocratic spirit.


Accommodation capacity: 27 places


Number of rooms: 10 apartments


Felix Pension & Spa has 10 apartments which are remarkable due to their elegance and simplicity. The furniture made out of whitened cherry wood, the impressive architectural project and the modern facilities confer the location its distinguished air. The interior design concept has also grasped the specifity of Oltenia with handmade carpets and specific iconography.


Rooms are equipped with:


Private bathroom, shower, bathtub, free toiletries, hairdryer, telescopic mirror, towels, bathrobe, slippers; Memory pillows and bed mattress; Ironing facilities; Kitchenette, tea maker/ electric kettle, microwave, plates, cutlery, mini-fridge; Safe; Flat-screen TV with LCD (*in both rooms), Cable channels; Air conditioning, heating (winter); Furniture made of cherry wood (wardrobe/closet, desk), beech wood parquet floor; Balcony equipped with one table and two chairs; Free Wi-Fi.

Felix Pension**** also has: a playground, a parking lot (covering 70% of the accomodation capacity), a relaxation corner.



The restaurant at Felix Pension combines flavours and recipes inspired by the international cuisine with local flavours using bio or natural ingredients or based on farm-to-table principles. Our dishes are made by a local cook who knows all the secrets of the local gastronomy.

The restaurant also has a terrace.


The hotel is endowed with an outdoor swimming pool (depth - 1,20m to 1,50m, width 4 m, length 11 m).



The spa and wellness center at Felix Pension**** includes:


A salt room – a salt room whose walls were all made of salt blocks from Ocnele Mari Salt Mine (unique in Romania)

Massage room – relaxation massage, available upon request

Indoor pool with special functionalites (jaccuzzi, swim against the current)

Sauna – dry sauna, in a room specially built out of genuine linden/lime wood

Fitness room endowed with modern gym technologies (for cardio/fitness, treadmill, elyptic bike etc).

Hydrotherapy – therapeutic baths (aromatic plants/salt).

*The access in the fitness room can only be made with adequate equipment (sports clothing). The services at the Spa Center are only addressed to tourists who are accomodated at Felix Pension.


The accommodation capacity of the hotel is of 27 bed-places, disposed in 10 apartments: 3 double rooms and 7 apartments (family type)





270 RON

370 RON

420 RON

2 persons

1 person

2 persons

3 persons








• Rates include free breakfast (25 RON/person).

• Rates include complimentary access to the Spa Center (Fitness, Sauna, Salt Room, Indoor Pool), Outdoor pool, Playground for children.

• Additional bed costs 35 RON/night

• For large groups, rates can vary depending on the total number of rooms rented and the overall packages.

Room rates are for information only and can be subject to changes.



Politici Anulare Rezervare


   The booking is guaranteed provided the tourist pays a deposit (equivalent of 35% from the total value or the entire amount for one night in case the tourist does not book for more than 2 nights).

In case the tourist wishes to cancel his/her booking, the deposit will not be refunded/reimbursed (this rule is applicable only if the tourist has benefitted from special offers).

The hotel’s policy stipulates not to reimburse the amount covering the accomodation fees for the entire sejour booked in case the tourist wants to leave before the due date (last day of his/her booked trip).

For booking in advance, the hotel will not ask for any additional fees in case the tourist cancels his/her trip with at least 7 days in advance.

In case the tourist wants to cancel in the week before his/her start date of pre-booked trip, the hotel will charge the amount of money for one night stay entirely.


For informal booking (over the phone), the tourist is expected to confirm his/her trip in the exact day of his arrival until 12 pm at the latest. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to cancel the booking.

Check-in time is flexible. Please note that I charge €20 after 8pm and €30 after 10pm.



Baile Govora


The sacred trees, the mineral springs, the balneological park in the town center with over 400 tree species from all over the world, the ionized air and the beautiful hills surrounding the place like in a genuine natural fortress – they all turn Baile Govora into a fabulous place – a place like the ones described in childhood tales.


Spanning in the sub-Carpathian depression from the Northern East of Oltenia, the geographical position has always granted the place a special distinctiveness. The resort has long been hosting reputable physicians and balneology experts from the entire Europe. The fame in treating and curing certain illnesses has long surpassed the country borders. Here we have turned the promising miracles, the auspicious cures and special treatments into reality. This indisputable capacity has always placed Baile Govora among the elitist resorts from France or Switzerland, for instance.


 „No matter the place where the traveller is coming from, heading towards Govora, he passes through a geographical space that has been shaped by an ancient history[...] Here it is now - the Land of Govora – an astounding place not only due to the different geological eras it belongs to, but also due to all the names that the dwellers have given to this paradise corner in Valcea county.”, this is how Professor Constantin Deaconu began his pleading for „The Blue-eyed Beauty of the Earth”, in his book published in 1999 – „Govora – The Architecture of the landscape”.


The beauty of the location is also mentioned in „The Encyclopedia of Romania”, a book published under the patronage of Carol II of Romania, in 1936. Its mentioning of Govora was that of „a top balneological resort”.


Here is what you can also visit in the areas surrounding Baile Govora: Govora Monastery, Horezu (and Olari village), Bistrita Monastery, Manastirea dintr-un lemn Monastery  Arnota Monastery, Conacul lui Maldar from Maldaresti, The National Park  Buila Vanturarita, The Salt Mine from Ocnele Mari, Trovants Museum, Polovragi Cave, Polovragi Monastery, Transalpina.


How you can get to us

Baile Govora is 20 km far away from Ramnicu-Valcea; 195 km from Bucharest; 186 km from Brasov; 389 km from Timisoara; 292 km from Cluj-Napoca; 124 km from Craiova; 118 km from Sibiu; 489 km from Iasi; 417 km from Constanta; 631 km from Chisinau.


Phone: 004-0756-943-090

Email: cazare@felixpension.ro












Telefon: 004-0756-943-090

Email: cazare@felixpension.ro